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We're fundraising to bring our Newsroom Fellowhsip back!

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Pledge monthly and be eligible for: 

  • A behind-the-scenes look at our work

  • Access to embargoed stories

  • Custom die-cut stickers

  • High-res versions of our cover illustrations

  • A handwritten note from our Editor In Chief Alex Ip

Contributions or gifts to The Xylom are tax-deductible.  

Prefer to mail a check? Our mailing address is Unit #2031, 925B Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA, 30309.

Have questions or want to change a recurring donation? Contact us at


Many employers will match their employees’ charitable donations. Please check with your employer’s personnel department to find out how you can potentially double, or even triple, the impact of your gift.


Donors (over 1000 USD)

2021: Alex Ip

Funders (over 1000 USD)

Google News Equity Fund Pledges Inc.

Storytellers Who Have Donated Their Honoraria:

2021: Sheeva Azma (Oklahoma City, Okla.) Kiara Sofia Vega Bellido (Houston) Karin Kirk (Bozeman, Mont.) Burcin Ikiz (Los Angeles) Olivia Castellini (Chicago) Vanessa Vieites (Miami) Haley Dunleavy (Anchorage, Alaska) Madeline Canmann (Forest Park, Ill.) Kwasi Wrensford (Albany, Ga.) Jordan Ross (Atlanta) Katrina Miller (Chicago) Fayth Tan (Pasadena, Calif.) Siddhant Pusdekar (Minneapolis) Nicole Endacott (Pasadena, Calif.) Saren Seeley (New York City) 2022: Kausik Datta (Kolkata, India; Baltimore) Lena Beck (Missoula, Mont.) Jack Rabe (Gardiner, Mont.) Rose Schnabel (Bloomington, Ind.) Jess Turner (Madison, Wisc.) Liz Mirabelli Nye (Worcester, Mass.) 2023: Navya Pothamsetty (Berkeley, Calif.) Rohini Subrahmanyam (Somerville, Mass.)

Patreon (2020-22):

Kim C. (Providence, R.I) Andrea P. (Denver) Kitman L. (Hong Kong) Jess H. (Atlanta) Karmela P. (New York City)​ Amanda D. (Barnesville, Ga.) Maribeth L. (Brookings, S.D.) Vanessa V. (New Brunswick, N.J.) Paul I. (Hong Kong) Leonora M. (Worcester, Mass.) Ruth Y. (Atlanta) Max B. (Athens, Ga.) Karen M. (Hong Kong) Matthew P. (Atlanta) Sheeva A. (Oklahoma City)

Other Grantors

Georgia Tech Inventure Prize Prototype Award #BlackinScicomm Mini-grant (sponsored by COMPASS Scicomm) Georgia Tech Scheller College Sustainability Ambassadors Program

Past Crowdfunding:

100 for 100 Campaign (2021): Sammi G. (Atlanta) Sabah U. (San Diego) Arianna R. (Atlanta) Amanda D. (Barnesville, Ga.) Kjersti L. (Atlanta) Mei Wan H. (Hong Kong) Lorena I. (Nashville, Tenn.) Chuffed Campaign (2019 -20): Kelvin L (Hong Kong) Paul I. (Hong Kong) Juliana C. (Hong Kong) Myra H. (Hong Kong) Ruddy R. (Costa Rica) Mo Fong T. (Hong Kong) Mei-sheung L. (Hong Kong) Shui-lin W. (Hong Kong) 

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