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Anders Jildén/Unsplash

My Eyes Glued to Sky: A Cry of a Farmer


This is An "Act of Leadership" logged by The Xylom's Founder and Editor Alex Ip as a Climate Reality Leader. He has been trained by former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore in Atlanta, GA, March 2019.


When I was a toddler, I saw my farms ever-growing,

with green all around satiating the hunger of easy-going.

As I grew and turn to an adult, I find my crop lands barren;

with seeds sown but not emerging, ‘t seems worse than a warren.

The hues after the shower is vanished somewhere,

because there is no rain here…

The thirst of the unborn seed is not quenched,

and the farmer is working hard on his land and drenched.

His sweat is pouring drops onto the ground,

but not enough for the seed to turn around.

We the fellow farmers went to the farm district officer today,

asked them to help us and solve our problems away.

They told there is no water anywhere, how they can help???

Certainly, some gold can do something and sounded like a lion’s whelp!

who seemed not to break the chain;

along with his counterpart was someone who would detain.

We were helpless and turned back….

While coming back, I raised my eyes up to the sky and seeking some suggestion

“What happened wrong?” Well I need some direction!

Where are those holy showers that were bliss to my farm?

No less than a blessing as a baby in mother’s arm.